F a m i l y   t r a d i t i o n   a n d   m a s t e r f u l   s k i l l





Harald Stammler
with his wife Cornelia (born Oswald) and his daughter Michaela, Martina and Melanie.

The bakery in 2007, the shop and the café in 2008 were renovated, extended and modernized.




Heinrich Schöning,
who ran a hop farm with his wife, founded in 1878 in Wolnzach a cake shop in which gingerbread was sold at Christmas.






His son Heinrich Schöning, undertook the shop. In 1920 he bought the house in  the Schloßstraße street (at that time Bahnhofstraße street) and ran there the cake shop and Café Schöning with his wife Christine (born Eder).                      They had four children.


Their daughter Auguste married Heinrich Stammler, who came from the Bavarian Forest and worked in different places in Germany, finally in the Hipp Company in Pfaffenhofen. In 1933 he undertook the business and so it came into being the Stammler Cake Shop.
In 1935 Heinrich Stammler founded a food company and delivered breadcrumbs and flour for children rusk almost everywhere in Bavaria.


Hermann Stammler,
their son, ran the shop further with his mother Auguste after the early death of his father in 1953. In 1960 he undertook the business with his wife Anna (born Siebler)


Certificated baker and confectioner
Harald Stammler,
their son, learned his trade in Munich before he deepened his knowledge and ability. From 1980 to 1991 when he took possession of his father’a firm, he worked in different companies in London and on board three cruise ships, among others the M.S. Europa), as well as in famous hotels in Sydney, Australia.



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